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Our Program Interests

To achieve the expected competency, a modular approach of instruction is applied; it contains the content areas for the particular skills to be developed. In collaboration with the hospitality/tourism industry, the college embarks on a partnership program where shared responsibility is practiced in providing the student- trainees with well-coordinated learning experiences and opportunities via well-designed training program from both ends.

The service- learning activities are anchored to the required /expected practices of the industry in the areas of lodging property, resorts and other recreational facilities, foodservice establishments, coffee shops, beverage bars, cruise line services & management and other unidentified-allied services.

Concomitant to the implementation of competency training program, entrepreneurial skills of the students are honed in preparing them to be global hospitality professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs.

To date, countries like Singapore, Macau & Qatar can provide on-the-job-trainings for our students. Meanwhile, United Kingdom, USA & Australia training partnerships are in progress.

Our Curricular Offerings

The four-year BSHM degree program is ladderized and competency-based. It is designed to equip students with a solid foundation of industry knowledge and practices.

With the ladderized program TESDA modules incorporated in the curriculum, the GCIC BSHM students will earn the National Certificate Level II (NCII) certificates in House-keeping, Commercial Cooking, Food and Beverages, Front Office and Bartending. These additional certificates are over and above the required courses in the BSHM curriculum. As such, these certificates can only be awarded to those who will pass the TESDA Competency Examination.

The GCIC BSHM program also addresses the demand of students for the two most lucrative tracks of hospitality industry: the culinary and cruise careers. The program integrates intensive culinary subjects with hands-on training and industry exposure. It also includes affiliations with CHED accredited maritime training schools to prepare students for the cruise industry.

Recreational Courses (Institutional Certificate) are offered to entice the new entrants to familiarize the ins & outs of culinary education as one of the best options to consider in finding other career opportunities (Basic Culinary- Local Cuisine, Basic Culinary- International Cuisine, Barista Training Course, Day Housekeeping, Day F & B Service).

Our Career Path

CIHM curriculum is seasoned with culinary arts; our graduates can learn the skills in the following job categories:

  • Culinarian: Cook, Line Cook, Station Cook, Broiler Cook, Sauté Cook, Fry Cook
  • Pastry Culinarain: Baker, Baker’s Assistant, Pastry Cook, Pastry Assistant
  • Pastry Chef: Lead Baker & Pastry Sous Chef
  • Chef de Cuisine: Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Catering Chef, Banquet Chef
  • Entry-Level Position/Skilled-level/Managerial level positions in Lodging (Hotel, Motel, Condotel, Resorts, etc), Foodservices (Restaurant, Fast-food chains, coffee shops, bars), Cruise line/Maritime services